The Smurfit case was a class action on behalf of the employees at a Smurfit plant in McMinnville, Oregon who were not timely paid when Smurfit sold the plant.The case settled after the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the employees were not timely paid.

Members of the firm represented fishing interests, Alaskan municipal governments and landowners who suffered extensive damages in the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989. The firm assumed a leadership role in the case with N. Robert Stoll serving on the Plaintiffs' Executive Committee and as Treasurer of the Plaintiffs' Litigation Fund.

Stoll Berne has represented several Fortune 500 companies, as well as individual homeowners, in cost-recovery environmental remediation cases. The firm has also advised companies and individuals regarding contractual environmental indemnity clauses and potential contract claims for recovery of environmental remediation expenses.

Stoll Berne has handled several cases involving spills and leaks of home heating oil.