Firm Culture & Diversity

STOLL BERNE is a mid-sized law firm in Portland, Oregon. We believe in achieving excellence and quality for our clients, and thus, we seek outstanding employees who are willing and self-motivated to work hard. In return, we offer a collaborative environment, where employees willingly help each other to meet deadlines and treat each other with mutual respect. STOLL BERNE management involves employees in change initiatives and committees, and values employees' opinions and suggestions.

At STOLL BERNE, we believe that having a diversity of backgrounds and experience helps us to better serve our clients and the community. It also makes us a better firm, both professionally and socially. We have a commitment to female professionals. In valuing our employees, we value their family relationships and so offer opportunities for paid parental leave and part-time attorney positions.

In addition, we have staff and attorneys who are members of religious minority groups; who are Asian-American, from Latino heritage or from other international backgrounds; and who speak Spanish, Korean and Hebrew.